Security Operation Center

Security Operation Center (SOC) is a system monitoring centre that needs to exist in every industry to protect company security in business assets and support that support business processes running well. SOC can detect/analyze/and respond to incidents or cyber threats in a company. Infiniti has this solution to answer the needs of Agencies/Companies in building a Cyber security posture.

Why Use Our SOC Solution?


  • Assist in SOC system installation for the Company as a central monitoring point.
  • Planning the Company’s security capabilities
  • Placing cyber experts in assisting cyber security for companies
  • Support integrates the Company’s vital assets into the SOC system


Multiple Input

Accept various input sources such as web/email, IPS/IDS, custom app logs, firewall, and virus/malware.

Big Data

Handle billions of events every day.

Real Time Detection

Detect attacks within milliseconds.

Automatic Remediation

Perform automatic actions to eliminate or as a mitigation measure from the risk of direct attack.

Hacker Traps

Traps in the system to catch and trick intruders.

Visual Reconstruction

Complex relationships between multiple entities are displayed in an intuitive graphical form.

Forensics On a Click

Investigation techniques quickly and precisely by pressing and directing the cursor to the log you want to analyze

Dashboard Customization

Customizable dashboard view.

Custom Rules

Can add new rules by organizational policies.

Source Code Audit

A source code audit to ensure that no backdoors have been installed.