About Us

PT. Infiniti Reka Solusi

Growth with Strategy

Headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, PT. Infiniti Reka Solusi provides high-quality information technology solutions starting from system analysis, software reengineering, computer network, consultation, e-learning, training, and maintenance that serves the Government and private sectors. 


PT. Infiniti Reka Solusi is using innovative approaches in providing products and services. Aiming to exceed the client’s expectations, we offer extraordinary services such as flexibility and guarantee for higher profit, so the existing system can work optimally, functionally, and operating efficacy can be enhanced. Our team is classified based on the designation and technical expertise combined with extensive experience to ensure clients are getting the most effective and professional services available.

As an expert in information technology, PT. Infiniti Reka Solusi is involved in every step of information technology solution accordingly to the client’s preference. From execution to finalisation. We also offer functional follow up service and technical support service. Our vast expertise covers all aspects of implementation and operation, including business requirements, development of functional details for the client’s approval, system designing, and team development organisation to assemble the system according to the needs of the client. 


We are comfortable being stationed at the client’s premises to train as well as to provide technical and functional supports, and to provide troubleshooting services during direct system launch and usage.

Unlike other IT companies, in PT. Infiniti Reka Solusi analysis is not the only expertise we have, we also master the skills to combine various aspects of the system synergically, just as impeccable as our skills in designing. Aesthetic aspect matters to us, and beauty is an important element. Our team is experienced in all aspects of business process re-engineering. Starting from analysis, implementation, maintenance to the enhancement of business performance. 


We are proud to say that our performance had been well-proven as effective in carrying out various systems. This is concerning effective direction to all implementation team members who are capable to guarantee all the needs are in line with the budget and timeline.

To fulfill the needs of the clients, PT. Infiniti Reka Solusi sustains a wide range of qualifications. We are an expert in project management methodology, system and pattern analysis, computer networking, software re-engineering, art and design, and Microsoft technology. Our vast basic knowledge enables various sectors such as business, schools, government, and the general population to benefit from information technology and services we offer. 


Furthermore, our international experience enables us to collaborate with international experts, vendors, and suppliers that will guarantee our solution is a world-class solution. In PT. Infiniti Reka Solusi, we expand our knowledge and services continuously to assist clients in implementing information technology in various sectors.