Simulation & Wargaming System

Command and staff and personnel training solution that can meet specific needs and is suitable for simulating the allocation of available resources (resources), using force measurements and other appropriate data, and the execution of missions in an efficient, measurable and predictable manner. Develop Wargaming can be used multi-purpose to simulate small-scale scenarios involving only a few personnel to large-scale. Wargaming has a goal of Collaborative Learning, Testing tactics or operational plans before implementation in the real world, and testing the readiness of personnel operating unit tasks.

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Simulation Type

Aggregate-Level Simulation is a system that simulates large-scale scenarios involving battalion, brigade, and division-level units. It can also be used to simulate joint operations scenarios.


Entity-Level Simulation is a simulation system used to simulate small-scale scenarios, such as scenarios involving teams, soldiers or individuals.

Wargaming has an integrated AI (Artificial Intelligence) module, which the computer uses to regulate each simulated entity and how they behave and interact between simulated objects. In addition, the computer uses the AI module to generate artificial troops (Computer Generated Forces), which can reduce the burden on participants and is also helpful for stand-alone training mode.


Wargaming supports visualizations in both 2D and 3D modes, which can be quickly switched between the two. The 2D visualization mode helps visualize the dynamics of simulated movements on the map. The 3D visualization mode can intuitively and realistically imagine operating conditions and situations and is also helpful for more precise unit placement.