3D Multimedia Application

3d Multimedia Infiniti

The 3D multimedia application is named ARSTIGA. This is a 3D-basis technology interactive application used to visualise the processes and objects in detail and realistically. Arstiga can assist the user to understand a process or object more efficiently and effectively. Arstiga can be used in desktop for indoor usage, or in mobile devices for outdoor usage. Thus, Arstiga has high flexibility in terms of usage.

Benefits and Goals:

  • By displaying 3D visual material, it is easier to understand the training material.
  • Optimising learning effectivity and efficiency.
  • Optimising material to be more understandable, accessible, and flexible.
  • The material can be updated easily and quickly.
  • Can reduce paper usage and data are safer.


  • The object can be rotated in 3 dimensional way
  • Using high-resolution graphic display.
  • Object display can be enlarged (zoom-in), and reduced (zoom-out)
  • Interaction with the object is possible
  • The object can be moved to suit the display (panning)
  • Details of the object can be viewed