In e-learning industry, we are perfectly understand that content, technologies, and services are the three key sectors of its succesful implementation. Unlike other e-learning provider company, we perfectly blend those three elements into our e-learning solution to be what is e-learning pioneer Bernard Luskin’s understanding about e-learning. Luskin says that the “e” in e-learning should be interpreted to mean exciting, energetic, enthusiastic, emotional, extended, excellent, and educational in addition to “electronic” that is a traditional interpretation.

At the early process of e-learning content creation, firstly we evaluate the various pedagogical approaches that are suitable. We adapt pedagogical approaches that have the flexibility, richness and downstream functionality to have the potential to provide more engaging learning experiences for learners. We combine several pedagogical approaches that includes; curriculum focused to be consistent with the national and international standards, collaborative activities to stimulate learning and to promote collaborative discoveries, cognitive perspective that focuses on the cognitive processes, and emotional perspective that focuses on the emotional aspects of learning such as fun, motivation, and engagement.

We also realize that software don’t deliver education; but people do. That’s why we have a group of researchers, educators, designers, copywriters, and information technology practitioners which learn from and inspire one another that promotes the creation of the quality contents that are seamlessly integrated with technology and art.

In technological aspect, when it comes to delivering quality e-leaning solution, simplicity yet flexible are the keys. We research, design, and develop our own platform for maximum usability and flexibility. Our platform is designed with consistent standards, to make it simple to manage and scale. Our e-learning platform ensure that the contents are always up-to-date with automatic or on-demand online content update. We manage our lerning objects systematically to allow fast and accurate content update process. Almost all of the elements of the deployed learning objects such as text, sounds, pictures, videos, animations and games are updated online when the latest versions are available.

In the end, our e-learning solution is not just a product. We realize that succesful implementation of quality e-learning all comes down to people. As part of the solution, we provide the portal to allow teachers, students, parents, practitioners, and other related members of the community to communicate, collaborate, involve, and participate in promoting succesful and highly relevant in learning experience for better future generations – wherever they are.