With the motto “Learn, Improve, Elevate,” Nextedu (Next Education) presents new hope for the future of leading multimedia products that can be the frontline in providing learning applications for various levels of education.

Nextedu is an interactive learning media for elementary and junior high school levels. Providing comprehensive learning materials such as:

  • Social Science for Elementary School
  • Geography for Junior High School
  • Economy for Junior High School

Nextedu is created to feed into the national education curriculum that enhances and develops the potentials of students for a better and brighter future of the nation. By utilising information technology, Nextedu strives to provide comprehensive learning materials using an attractive multimedia design to ensure a fun learning for the students. Lesson contents are structured and informative using text, audio, photo, images, video, and animation formats to maintain a high quality but fun learning process.

Nextedu is designed with attractive features to ensure comprehensive but fun learning experience such as:

  • Bilingual feature (Indonesian-English)
  • Additional content management feature (add/alter/delete)
  • Searching and data exporting feature
  • Quizzes and printable exercise sheet  
  • Annotation and audio volume control feature
  • Application manual feature.