A command and staff training solution that caters to special needs. This training is suitable for allocating the existing resources, usage of strength measurement, and other necessary data. This training can also be used to determine appropriate, efficient, sustainable missions, scalable, and easy to develop.

Inviris is widely used by military command units and staff to create and conduct a simulation scenario for military operation plans. This application is multifunction to simulate a scenario on both small and large scales.

Inviris is a fully-featured application developed using Inviris SDK. Inviris GUI is also known as the front-end based on the Toolkit SIM.

Inviris can display the terrain, simulation objects, and other simulation items in 2D or 3D view. When started, the application will display 2D format spontaneously as its default view. At the Aggregate-Level, simulation objects will only be displayed in 2D, while the 3D view will be displayed at the Entity-Level. This application has an integrated AI (Artificial Intelligence) module used by the computer to manage the way each simulation entity behaves and interacts with other simulation objects. Apart from that, the AI module is also utilised by the computer to create Computer Generated Forces that can reduce the burden from the participants, and also useful as a stand-alone training mode.