I (improve, innovative, and interactive) and “Learn” is the acronym of iLearn, an interactive learning platform created as an innovation in the education sector.

iLearn provides learning materials presented comprehensively in the forms of text, audio, photo, images, video, and animation. All are designed to intensify interests as well as to increase the excitement, motivation, and capability of students in learning.

iLearn is targeting elementary students and junior high school students. The coverage of materials are:

  • Citizenship Education, and
  • Indonesian Language.

iLearn has features that can assist users in learning processes, such as:

  • Bilingual feature (Indonesian-English)*
  • Additional content management feature (add/alter/delete)
  • Searching and data exporting feature
  • Quizzes and printable exercise sheet  
  • Annotation and audio volume control feature
  • Application manual feature.

*except for Indonesian Language lesson