e-Commlab is created as an innovation in the education sector that provides interesting alternate learning media. e-Commlab is software for language learning designed to support foreign language learning processes interactively and communicatively. With  e-Commlab, schools’ computer labs can function as a proper multimedia language lab.

e-Commlab is created on a server-client basis, where the teachers can communicate with the students as well as sharing lessons live via the server’s computer (teachers) connected clients (students). Using self-learning as its main concept, e-Commlab also serves as a virtual language lab that can provide various lesson contents in animation and video formats to create a more interesting and fun learning experience for the students.

What are the available features in e-Commlab?

  • Management (Class Room and User Management) – through this feature, teachers (admin) can manage the class based on the group they decided, completed with the students’ biodata.
  • Communications (Chat, Audio Conference, and Video Chat) – not only text communication is enabled, but teachers can also speak via audio conference feature or having a discussion with a selected student via a video web camera feature. Teachers are also able to monitor text messaging between students and turn off the feature if necessary.
  • Remote Control (Remote Desktop, Lock Screen, Shutdown PC) – teachers can control students’ computers, monitor the screen display, and turn off the computer remotely. This will enable students to have more focus on the lessons.
  • Lessons (Learning materials, Presentation, Video, Dictionary, Copy File, Video Streaming) – students can learn a foreign language via animated lesson contents, and teachers can add more materials in the forms of video and/or presentation, as well as broadcasting it to all students. Indonesian – Foreign Language dictionaries are available and can be updated, completed with a spelling checker, and copy/share feature between teachers and students.
  • Competency (Assessment, Run/Review/Report Assessment ) – E-Commlab is equipped with a quizzes development feature, sending assessment form to students partially or generally at once feature, an assessment viewing feature, and a reporting feature.
  • Request Attention – this feature enables students to request attention to the teachers during the learning process, and teachers can either respond or ignore the request.
  • Skin Themes – students can change the display e-Commlab application in their PC using the existing available themes.

Other benefits of e-Commlab:

  • the e-Commlab application can be used in two platforms(Linux and Windows) without having to activate the emulator. It also can run well in wireless connection.  
  • Users can update the lesson contents live by downloading files from the site provided by Infiniti.
  • Users can view lesson content by using a live streaming feature in their e-Commlab application.