With a wide range of features, Biolearn is expected to enhance the learning process to become more interesting and fun. The available features in Biolearn are:

  • Bio3D, aiming to assist students in researching and observing biological objects as their original forms.
  • Biopopular, this feature provides a common and popular biological phenomenon or incidents found in our daily lives.
  • Biogames, this is an educational games feature created to intensify the interest of students in learning biology.
  • Biowords, a biological dictionary feature that provides assistance for students who needs to find definition or terminology in biology.
  • Biolabs, students can carry out interactive biological experiments completed with the experiment steps using this feature, just like when they do it in a biological lab.
  • Biosims, a biological simulation, or phenomenon processes in animated format will have the students’ interests as well as easier comprehension and also fun.
  • Bioquiz, contains exercise questions to provide measurement for students who want to assess their understanding of the lessons.

Additionally, Biolearn also has several benefits such as:

  • Live Content, users can update the content of lessons live by downloading the most recent content from the website provided by Infiniti.

View Content Online, users can replay the content of lessons using a live streaming feature in the application.