Applications Multimedia 3D is an interactive application technology based three-dimensional (3D) is used to visualize processes and objects in detail and realistic. Arstiga can be easier for users to understand a process or object more effectively and efficiently. Arstiga can be used on desktop computers for classroom use (indoor) as well as on mobile devices such as tablets and laptops for use in outdoor or field (outdoor), thus Arstiga has high flexibility in its use.

Benefits and Purpose

  • By presenting the material in 3D visuals to facilitate understanding of the material.
  • Optimize effectiveness and efficiency in learning.
  • Optimizing the material to be easily understood, easily accessible and flexible.
  • The material can be easily and quickly to be updated.
  • Can reduce paper usage so that the data more secure.


  • Display objects can be enlarged (zoom-in) and scaled (zoom-out).
  • Objects can be rotated in three dimensions.
  • Objects can be moved to adjust the display (panning).
  • Can interact with the object.
  • Can see the object in detail.
  • Using high-resolution graphics.
  • Can run on multiple platforms.

Type Model

In general, the model in 3D Interactive Multimedia Applications are divided into:

  • Explore 3D
    3D models are used to make observations on the shape, size, position of part / section, part name, part number, color, and other physical characteristics. Displays all information visible.
  • 3D process
    3D models are used untyuk make observations on the flow of a process. By making observations on this model will be obtained in the form of sequence information throughout the process that occurs and events in each sequence.
  • 3D video
    3D models in the form of video / motion picture to visualize a process or karaktarestik of the model.